Pretty obvious here. I shouldn't need to learn a jumpshot timing that is different for every mode I play

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Eventually is your multiplayer challenges. Instead of the way that it's right now I think that it needs to be actual nba games like the 2011 nba finals in which you get to pick a team and you play with a staff together with the my team cards out of that team like what the 2K21 MT pc gets to perform in struggles. You can also have teams that won my group tournaments, for instance it's possible to play when they had that for 2K21, as the two teams which played in the championship of the $250000 my group championship.The pg for my rec group has had multiple 10+ slip matches on his min wingspan playmaking shot creator that has a sub 70 steal score. The NBA now is really much about ball movement, but most comp 5v5 matches wind up being 4 people standing at the 3 pt line while the pg isos. That way the move would be to an person in the pg. The court measurements don't allow for spacing.

This is probably the most controversial one on the list, and I blame it partially on YouTubers and also this"grinding" culture. Yes, they're grinding by playing a video game because that is the way they earn money. But the rest of us bought into this concept that a video game needs to be a grind rather than, idk, enjoyable? I've been called lazy for not wanted to badges. For not playing video games LAZY? Grinding badges isn't fun for most players. I'd also argue that it is costing 2K money because purchase when you still have to grind badges VC for a new build? 2K should eliminate all of the badges that are only attributes in disguise (which are the huge majority). Unpluckable, rebound chaser select pocket handles, take and catch, contact finisher, the list goes on. Bring back attribute evaluations contested threes range, like moving shooter mid, boxout, contact dunk, ect.

Add additional attributes to help differentiate builds so everyone does not feel so similar. You ought to be able to have aggressive and a complete build without a badge. Then only have a couple badges to differentiate your participant. For instance, badges such as center crusher or slippery off ball are rarely used since you need badges to actually strike shots and play defense. However, in case the characteristics do this then the badges may be used as a enjoyable luxury instead. Alot of people that I played with last year ceased playing this year due to the badge grind of playing the exact same player and they have tired. The people who like grinding new gamers may grind overall and vc, but everyone should not be made to grind a game that's for fun.

Pretty obvious here. I shouldn't need to learn a jumpshot timing that is different for every mode I play. I shouldn't be getting kicked out of entire neighborhoods and games. I shouldn't need to wait forever to get a pro'm game or get stuck onto the rec loading display. Not all of Buy MT 2K21 this is the servers, but NBA 2K21 makes cash to still have these gameplay problems.