2K is That They Are Making It Far to Realistic

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2K is That They Are Making It Far to Realistic


NHL is the only game that improves or remains exactly the same year after year. The problem with Madden and 2k is that they are making it far to realistic. Back in the day where you can do twist moves without getting tired, you can dunk on each quick break, Ray allen would hit 20 3s in games versus buddies, in madden that you could run to the end zone with mike Vick and then run for a td since he didn't become tired. Shit like that produced those games excellent. You simply can buy NBA 2K MT  not do that anymore. That is why NBA 2K20s are failing imo. And I am sure a lot of og players will agree with me on that.

Do you think NHL, Madden, NBA 2K style games will be a thing of the past?

It's no secret that these matches are old after a year. I know some people handle this by only buying every year, or every other. But do you think any company will ever step up and make a game which updates rosters and manages game play changes through upgrades rather than by selling a brand new $60 game? I do see those games dying although I don't think a company will do that. Madden has been worse year after year imo. 2k has been bad for years I don't even buy it.

Give them upgrades and put. Individuals would buy because people would forgive EA that shot. Exactly. I would even go as far as to state buying a DLC for $10 to upgrade rosters from year to year. But you could continue playing old rosters or game modes which aren't changed by new rosters, like EACHL (my personal favorite). NBA 2K20 for a whole does not change enough for a whole new game.

I know a good deal of individuals are about the hate train for Games as a Service...but sports games should be ideal for GaaS. It's honestly a match. Seasons are constructed in, events are built in. I assume full game earnings have to be good enough to keep that revenue model going. Personally, I'd very much like a live support model for Madden or FIFA. But for many other matches, GaaS has to demonstrate that its own viable. More information about NBA 2K20 will updated at nba2king.com, welcome your visit or you can Buy MT 2K20 from us, we promise you: fast delivery, cheap price and good service.