On the 1 hand, I get it, it does help enhance development

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On the 1 hand, I get it, it does help enhance development

On the 1 hand, I get it, it does help enhance development and will save costs in the long term. I wonder whether the problem is actually the engine, or the legacy code that has been ported across multiple engines. A sports game built on Frostbite from Mut 21 coins the start would need to be greater. Here's an article that talks about general problems with Frostbite from various EA studios that are not doing FPS, seems like a lot (obviously) got lost in translation from Ignite engine to Frostbite for the sports games using itand while visuals improved, physics got considerably worse.

Players: What about a creation package for growth teams or like a news around up like you see in NCAA dynasty? Truly and utterly pathetic. Months and weeks to get something put in and we get 3 measly little things that should have been in the sport. All these motherfuckers need to lose the exclusivity license and there needs to be competition. I wouldn't have the entire ability to make NFL games off as that would make a second monopoly for 2K. They need to fight to create great fucking games. Madden 21 is beyond saving. Theres no way that they can salvage this game as any necessary franchise overhauls are not likely to be addable in the center of the cycle.

Adding little bite-size upgrades two months from today does not excuse the fact that franchise got absolutely nothing at launch. So anyone saying"youll never be satisfied!" Is becoming dishonest. This game honestly has to be ripped apart and fully rebuilt from the ground up but that might imply EA would actually need to take off time from their annual releases and actually put some serious effort into making the game.

The bowl is typically sometime in February. The regular season ends the first week of January. That means the very first franchise patch will fall with like 6 or 7 games left in this season. Over half the year will be over before we get a patch that adds team stats to participant cards, X-factor customization, and X-factor progression/regression. Will patch two drop in January? February? When will patch 3 drop? Will these patches preclude any additional improvements to franchise mode in Madden 22? Once the true season is almost over and you're weeks away from not caring about football and enjoying Madden, we'll provide you an update with some of the stuff you wanted. We still aren't promising anything because, let us face it, we built a shit game from day 1 and cheap Madden nfl 21 coins we totally failed to put any good frame for a sports game so we will miss this timeline completely.