Xinyu Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Advantages and Applications

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Xinyu Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Advantages and Applications

Enameled Copper Clad aluminum Wire (ECCA) has good solderability like pure copper wire. The biggest advantage of ECCA compared to the copper wire is its lightweight. The copper/aluminium construction was adopted to avoid some of the issues pertaining to enamelled aluminium wire, yet retain some of the cost advantages. It is three times as light as copper wire, so it can reduce cost. And it also has higher heat resistance compared to copper wire according to NEMA.


  1. Light weight

CCA wire's density is one third of copper wire of same diameter, which effectively reduce the weight of cable and wire.

  1. DC resistivity

CCA wire's DC resistivity is 1.5 times of copper wire, and CCA wire's weight is a half of copper wire when the resistance is same.

  1. Soldering

The surface of CCA wire is claded with copper layer, so it can be soldered like copper wire, and there is no need of special treatment like aluminium wire.


  1. High-frequency transformers, general transformers;
  2. Induction coils, magnetic coils;
  3. Electromotors including household electromotors, a variety of micro-motors, compressors, and other electromotors with high environment requirements;
  4. Special electromagnetic wire for audio coils and CD drivers;
  5. Electromagnetic wire for monitor deflection coils;
  6. Various types of magnetic coils and induction coils;

Enameled CCA wire is widely used in different electrical applications requiring the conductivity of copper while retaining much of the weight advantages of aluminum, If you have any need, welcome to visit XINYU is a leading manufacturer and supplier enameled wire.