Old School Runescape continues to break records

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Old School Runescape continues to break records

Inferno is crazy but MOST of it isn't that hard. In my experience you mostly die to not immediately locating the proper tick to prayer switch on OSRS gold waves with blobs inside them, or waves 50+ where you need to rapidly locate safespots with two heavy hitting assault styles on you. However it requires knowledge of safespots operate and a good deal of RuneScape player flicking, leagues before anything else required in RuneScape. Corrupted Gauntlet is next in trouble. Most of it's not hard, but you have to be very aware of how RuneScape participant motion works in order to correctly walk round the dangerous tiles while dodging tornados rather than walking under the hunleff.

The prep isn't hard, it only had some RNG to force you into deciding between inconsistent secure prep or much more consistent prep which produces the final fight marginally harder. Either way if you die it's generally not due to prep mistakes but rather to pathing incorrect and becoming stacked out by the floor/tornados. Chambers is hard. There are a lot of rooms to find out, but the majority of them amount to"equip the ideal gear, attack the thing." The single"difficult' part is olm, but he'd very predictable attack patterns which aren't automatically hard to navigate, there is only a lot of information you need to understand and keep in mind. Solo chambers is way harder than gauntlet, but it's team material and in a team it is incredibly simple.

Are we living through the RuneScape player counts of all time? I find it hard to imagine following the emergency is over people will ever top these amounts. You'd be right osrs is a very market game using a high time requirement to really get where many people want when most people only need to sit down and perform a few around of CoD everyday.Honestly though, RuneScape is great if you like setting and accomplishing goals. You're able to see progress in your account towards your goal with every quest, exp, and also kill. I would disagree with all the time requirement. Not everybody wants to max stats. I was playing this past year on a degree 3 skiller and am proud of my 86wc. RuneScape is attractive to casuals.

I thought OSRS died? Dying to be booted by thousands and thousands of nerds amirite. Having started properly playing school due to lockdown I'm astonished at how great RuneScape is. So content. I did not understand it was so good. Now I've got 100 battle, quest Cape, all challenging diaries (lockdown has been productive), I don't see myself quitting when I can begin leaving the house tbh. I wonder how many people are in exactly the same boat. Need to buy RS gold finish up complete elite emptiness and 70 RC for all 70 stats, then I'll be happy.