What gaps do both of them provide?

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WoW has a charm queue window for classic wow gold your keypresses, which means that you can get your earth jolt to cast at the exact time as the lightning bolt cast finishes, even when the charm batching window was 1 ms you would have the ability to get lighting bolt and ground shock through at precisely the exact same batch, with both profiting from Elemental Mastery. Just like above. This was a core part of all gameplay that is mage for years of early WoW, it is strange that suddenly pvp's being ruined by it.

Nothing related to charm batching. Sap fractures based on damage, not debuffs. Shot does not break sap, and thus does not cause harm on its own. Same as you can blind, use, and fear, polymorph other CCs on a target without breaking. They key is to prevent auto attacking at precisely the same time as you cheap shot, which can be done through macros, or through angling your shot. Is not due to spell batching. It's on account of the person who was casting a spell stopping their throw, but the packet containing this information using not reach Blizzard's server prior to the Counterspell was processed. This also happens in retail WoW by the way, even arguably to a greater extent due to Blizzard having executed a"kicker's advantage", which means that when the person was still casting in your screen when you pushed an interrupt, it will be succesful.

So along with the package containing the spellcasting being stopped having to achieve Blizzard's servers it might have to accomplish your computer. There is a limit to this, so someone playing 1000 ms can not interrupt you a full second after projecting stopped. So basically you will have a problem with this only due to latencies between the WOW players and Blizzard's servers. The question is simply which direction it triggers difficulties in, i.e. are you currently getting upset after you stopped casting, or are you having an interrupt while your enemy is casting but them not getting interrupted owing to your enemy stopped casting on their display.Retail WoW or WOW Classic?

What gaps do both of them provide? Are both beginner friendly? Are the communities? Retail WoW is not really an MMORPG. It's just a hub based, queue-up for articles game with no interaction what so ever. You're insignificant and have no effect or influence on other WOW players. People just phase in and out to provide the illusion that you discuss a world when in reality you don't to you. WOW Classic is an actual MMORPG. Therefore, if you're searching for an mmorpg, I would pick cheap classic gold wow. That said, Albion Online is an even greater mmorpg.