Imo they ought to have cancelled the normal NBA2k21

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Imo they NBA 2K21 MT ought to have cancelled the normal NBA2k21 port, and just went with the following gen into PC straight away. That would have made a lot more sense then the other way round imo. There are quite a few thing that the PS5 can do that a PC can't, because they made hardware specifically for it that is not available on almost any PC. It may load it is 16 GB of RAM instantly, which a PC simply can't do. The I/O Speeds on the SSD can't be matched by anything on the xbox or PC, and it will probably be that way for at least about 2 decades.

I think you're duped by some advertising people. Its the same talk everytime a new console is about to discharge. An PC will be still have the ability to play any game ported from next gen consoles to PC just fine, PC will still be the best performer hardware shrewd when it comes to gaming, regardless of what the RAM speed is. How fast you're able to fetch the info from the RAM or the SSD is not the limiting factor when it comes to gaming performance. Claiming that's just silly imo. And claiming that NBA2K21 will possess attributes inside that is a must for those fast RAM/SSD speeds is simply even more absurd.

And will be left in the dust when the 3080 cards enters the market in a few months. You are utilizing logic, and flat out wrong. You clearly haven't done any real research on this issue, and btw, I am. I mean, Linus needed to apologize for making the identical kind of statements that are blind which you're earning. What features will RAM and the SSDs enable for your Console games? That wont be available for PC games because of this limitation?

That allows for any number of applications to de render anything in you field of vision and free up those resources for them. This means you can literally designing NBA 2K21 differently purpose, but although in appearence. Games have to load assets all at once, even if these resources aren't being used.

I am not likely to keep explaining things that may be found using Google so you can keep strengthening your opinion. What features will be enabled by this technology in terms of gambling features now, that cant be achieved in an PC, can you give an example that is concrete? It boils down to images? You are telling me that another gen console will have better graphics then another gen PC? I mean what attributes would you expect in NBA2k21 gen version, which wouldnt? Is repeating. People even hyped cell phone Cheap NBA 2K21 MT gambling as being the future of gaming not so long ago, its just hype.