PSO2 deserves to neglect honestly

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PSO2 deserves to neglect honestly with badly managed its. We've got no real support. Or PSO2 Meseta you just get told nothing can be accomplished. They messengers. Nothing more. I've asked if they could clear out my blacklist a month ago and a month later I was told there's been no update from the devs. We've got the commands in our NA guide, it tells us how to utilize this, and it is no different Japan customer but support. It is broken and you can not remove people.

I explained to support I named a character using an'A' however PSO2 shifted it to lowercase; nicely they expected me to pay $15 to get a title change solely due to no fault of my own. I was not asking them for a whole new name but nothing can be done apparently. When dates would be awarded, we had been ignored and nothing was told. Finally we were informed"spring!" And here we are using the PC release in the end of May, start of June, and nothing cause we have a month on a fix to issues and bugs. Theyshare the duty and're all on precisely the exact same team. Maybe they should have beta tested the PC release. Bless be to tweaker though for giving us the job around and their attempts.

PC players were promised and reassured that we would not lose out on any content or rewards throughout the Xbox Beta here And yet once more, with no official comment on when and when we will get access to those items, we lost out on campaigns, mission passes, new finds, AC tickets, beta rewards, skill reset moves (Individuals who played Xbox got 2 distributions for absolutely no reason so a total of 6 or even more if you had multiple personalities ) Apart from having nothing to say? They deleted their tweet that gave us that reassurance trigger more than likely, they did not speak about it to SEGA. Poor quality translations. I mean the tweaker for the Japan version add more effort and accuracy towards everything. They had item descriptions!

Event and UQ times are inconvenient. If you're not from NA afterward I could careless for your view on this issue cause this is suppose to be the NA release. Vast majority of the occasions and UQs held have been at 12am, 2am,5'm EST. For them, this can work good for a few of PST but you're inconveniencing a major amount of your player base. Community is way too thin. What's there for people? The population was since launch at a reduction. Open ships as boats start to fill. Do not just start 3 distinct servers and disperse people out thinly. Fresh Finds is FOMO advertising at it best and is misleading. Some of the"HOT" items that are up there for a week do not include everything in the film. We can not even preview them let alone trade them, account bind themanything.

The assignment pass is fine but at precisely the same time kind of a joke because we can't trade and get one of each merchandise. If a few colors are awarded we can't even get multiples. Even the advertising and costs for everything is out of models that are outdated. Maybe this still works in Japan, but in comparison to western MMOs. Buys such as characters inventory, or anything else. It's a F2P game so it has to earn money but honestly only a fool would look at paying these prices to buy meseta pso2 any MMO compared. You do receive a character slot.