Big updates are an ancient game like OSRS's lifeblood

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That entire dynamic is utterly gone in OSRS, and I have never really understood why a neighborhood who is frequently so discriminated against shift (sometimes without even any fantastic reason) seems so widely accepting of such a basic change to the soul of OSRS gold. The manner passing worked in RuneScape was a MAJOR thing which set it apart from other MMOs of it's time, such as WoW. We will need to allow Jagex add and update things that are big to RuneScape. Big updates are an ancient game like OSRS's lifeblood. There are some important"off limits" areas for this community, where it seems like it's nearly impossible for Jagex to pass an upgrade, such as new ability (s), new coaching methods, and new powerful items/gear.

There is going to come a day where something must give and they'll have to add something like a new skill, or"tier 80" things, or a new training way of your favorite 99 you have that might be 7 percent quicker than it was when you did it. If we never allow any of the stuff into RuneScape, it is just going to bleed out players and perish down the road. A post was about item sinks the other day, for saying that death is the thing spout if we allow it to be, and I had been downvoted.

As for abilities, I think that Jagex has yet to propose a new skill that would be really novel. A new ability seems more like a marketing move; critically, what sort of action is so different from the content it justifies its skill? I agree on everything though. The option is stagnation, although power creep is a concern. RuneScape ought to get training methods and things as time passes, and bosses that are stronger should be meant by that, etc.

The one I just can not see where you are coming from, although I agree on the stage. No upgrades? When OSRS premiered, did you play in real 2007 or in 2013? RuneScape is nothing like the first version. Weapons/gear? The majority of them should be tier 90. How much more do you need? For coaching procedures, pretty much all skills have experienced some updates that have shifted their favored training methods. So I agree with your first point, however, you need to rethink the other one IMO.

One that is in my mind from earlier is the Menu Entry Swapper attribute on third party customers actually should not be allowed. It is definitely great to have at time, but it is defiantly suspicious and pushes the line around as much as prohibited plugins if you consider what it does and the way that players can customize their own stuff. Anything that is coming to mind at the moment probably would not be unpopular. Like the rest of the year seems a bit dry for cheap RuneScape gold and I don't think saying that 2020 was lackluster for content updates is that out there of a statement.