10m3 Sweeper Truck price

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10m3 Sweeper Truck price10m3 Sweeper Truck price10m3 Sweeper Truck price

10m3 Sweeper Truck price Our History We are the manufacturer of truck trailer since 1982. The first company in our local. And we do export truck trailer since 2007, and the top 1 in produce cement tanker trailer. 1982 Founded by Mr. Yang 1985 Design the first dolly trailer 1990 Starting produce one axle trailer 1993 Technical improvement, company was registered 1995 Two axles trailer was produced 1999 Rebuild and enlarge production line 2000 Got the Private production qualification 2001 First container transport semi trailer was finished 2002 First low bed semi trailer was finished 2003 Tongya bulk cement tanker semi trailer was come out, and got the CCC certificate 2005 The first Special Automobile Exhibition was Holding by Tongya 2007 Tongya Got the Export Certificate, first oil tank semi trailer was designed 2009 Install the air suspension on the trailer 2013 Produced Aluminum Oil tanker semi trailer 2014 Produced Automatic Steering 2016 Designed and produced the first Aluminum Tanker semi trailer for Transport cement in China, the tare weight only 5tons. 2017 Designed and produced Sanitation Vehicle series products, and exhibited on the thirteen Special Automobile Exhibition 2018 Built the first big Intelligent workshop in China, with big Fully automatic laser cutting machine, Laser locating welding machine, fully automatic welding robot. 2020 Self-developed and produced the first sliding dump semi trailer. Our Factory Tongya Automobile Co.,Ltd is listed among appointed enterprises to produce and refit automobile approved by Development and Reform Commission of China ( former Economy and Trade Commission of China), the first cooperation enterprise with its products listed in Public Notice on automobile refitting for management. We are the full-size manufacture truck trailer enterprise which integrate the design of product, scientific research developing, production and sale together. Our Product Our leading products are Tongyada brand semi-trailers, bulk cement tanker semi trailer, fuel tanker truck and trailer, flat bed semi trailer, side wall semi trailer, fence semi trailer, low bed semi trailer, tipper semi trailer, watering tank truck, road sweeper truck, garbage collect truck etc.s Product Application The cement tanker semi trailer: used for transport cement from cement plant to mixing station. Fuel tanker semi trailer: used for transport fuel from oil company or oil depot to fuel station. Semi trailer: used for transport container, sands, stone, bag goods, pallet, fruits, vegetables etc. Our Certificate 鈥淭aishan Quality鈥?Certificate, Certificate of High New Technological Enterprise, Environmental Management System Certification, Occupation Health Safety Management System Certification, China Famous brand, EXPORT ENTERPRISE REGISTRATION FORM,CCC Production Equipment Fully automatic laser cutting machine锛孡aser locating welding machine锛孎ully automatic welding robot 10m3 Sweeper Truck price website:http://www.tongyatrailer.com/